Ritt, Tai, Thvedt & Hodges specializes in civil and business litigation matters, including breach of contract, partnership and close corporation disputes (especially professional and law partnerships), fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, real estate and eminent domain disputes, unfair competition and trade secret litigation, professional negligence (including attorney and accountant malpractice), and racketeering claims.

The Firm has represented numerous individuals with business and/or civil litigation disputes, as both plaintiffs and defendants.  Attorneys at the firm have litigated civil cases involving securities law, commercial transactions, construction defects, civil rights, and employment law as well as false claims (qui tam) suits.  RTTH has achieved favorable outcomes in mediation, arbitration, trial, and appellate practice in both state and federal courts.  The firm has a very successful record of prevailing through binding arbitration, trial and/or appeal.

While providing aggressive, thoughtful and pointed legal representation in civil and business litigation, the firm is sensitive to the cost pressures of all of its clients, especially individuals and smaller business entities.  RTTH ensures that its representation is not only legally and substantively effective but also cost-effective.

Although we stress an economical approach to civil litigation, RTTH and our clients recognize that not all cases are resolved quickly or with low costs.  Therefore, RTTH lawyers conduct litigation with an eye toward trial, focusing pretrial discovery and motion practice on the pressure points of each case.  If the circumstances require, the firm’s lawyers are thus fully prepared to aggressively try their cases in court.  Indeed, this preparation and the fact that RTTH  lawyers have an excellent record at trial, often lead to more favorable settlements.